One step at a time God brings us to a place He can train us to live a life that glorifies Him and is a blessing to others

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One step at a time God brings us to a place where He can train us to live a life that glorifies Him and is a blessing to others

A picture of brokenness is that of a wild stallion wanting its independence but being ridden for the first time. It does not want to submit, and it does not want to do what it is told to do. It enjoys a cowboy feeding it, keeping its trough filled with fresh water, and allowing it to go out and nibble grass in the sunshine. The problem comes when the saddle is tossed on its back and the harness is placed over its head.

However, if you have watched a horse being broken, you know the cowboy has more sense than to take a new horse that has never been ridden and toss a saddle on its back. For days, the animal may be led around a pen as it adjusts to the pressure of wearing a harness and the conditions surrounding its changing lifestyle. Then the saddle comes out of the tack room and is placed on the horse’s back – but without a rider. Finally, the cowboy puts a foot in one of the stirrups.

There are many steps in between these, but we can form a mental picture of the process used to break a horse and prepare it to be ridden. When the cowboy climbs into the saddle, the initial shock of having someone on its back is frightening and irritating. The animal begins to buck and rears its head before it begins to settle and trot around its pen. Some horses refuse to be broken and risk being sold. Others, in time and through proper care, are broken and begin the enjoyment of a lifetime of service to their owners.

When God begins to work in your life, He doesn’t immediately toss a saddle on your back or seek to break you through the circumstances of life. Instead, He works with a plan and goal in mind. Bit-by-bit and inch-by-inch, He brings you to a place where He can train you to live a life that glorifies Him and is a blessing to others.

May God Almighty prosper Nigeria and Israel and defend us from all our enemies in Jesus Christ Name, Amen!

We exist for God alone

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We exist for God alone

We exist for God; He does not exist for us. God loves doing things for His people, but the reason we get up in the morning is to fulfil His purpose for our lives, not merely to ask Him to bless our purpose for our lives. God does not want to be our vending machine, where we put in a coin and He dispenses what we demand. Until we understand that we exist for Him, we will never know our purpose for being.

Purposelessness is everywhere. I would compare a purposeless existence with the life of a dog. Dogs bark a lot, and most of the time they are just making noise and not really telling you anything important. Purposeless people talk a lot just because they want to be heard. Dogs also like to run in circles. They move, but they’re not really going anywhere. When they finish running in circles, they are right back where they started. Purposeless people live like this, running around trying to find fulfilment in activities, only to find themselves not really moving toward anything.

Dogs also function on the level of the external. They like to be petted and rubbed, feeling good for the moment on the outside, but no real impact is felt on the inside. Purposeless people “put on the dog” by getting dressed up to look good and to make themselves feel better. If this describes your purposeless wanderings, God’s design and desire is to release you from that, but it must be on His terms.

Recommended Scripture Reading: (Genesis 1:27-28).

May God Almighty prosper Nigeria and Israel and defend us from all our enemies in Jesus Christ Name, Amen!

Every child has a right

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Every child has a right:

To be tucked up in bed every night.

To go to bed without fear, what the next day will bring.

To be educated.

To play.

To be happy.

To be loved.

To be kept warm.

To be held when they cry.

To know that their voice will be heard.

To feel that nothing can ever happen that can’t be fixed by someone who cares.

To never ever cower.

Or tremble.

Or shake.

Or have their innocence punched or kicked

Or screamed at.

To be a child.

To have a childhood.

May God Almighty prosper Nigeria and Israel and defend us from all our enemies in Jesus Christ Name, Amen!

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Nigeria is 51 Hip Hop Hooray!!!!

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51! HIP HOP HOORAY!!!!!!

Don’t always
be asking, “Where are the good old days? Wise folks don’t ask questions like
that” (Ecclesiastes 7:10 MSG).

For many,
our national independence day has become a time to reminisce and wish for “the
good old days”. Many wonder how come fifty-one years after independence, we
still find ourselves where we are today. Many complain and blame the government
of the day for the deplorable state of affairs in virtually every sector of our
national life. Well, though the nation might have been afore dominated by
governments that may have been lethargic to the needs of its people, yet it’s
important for us to count our blessings as a nation and rejoice about where we
are today.

Our opening
scripture shows that it’s unwise to wish for the “good old days”. The Words of
God in Matthew 7:17 let us know that the results we’re seeing today as a nation
are harvests of the decisions we made yesterday: “Even so every good tree bringth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree
bringth forth evil fruit.”
This means the state of the nation today is
founded on the choices of past governments. This is a spiritual reality. So
rather than lament how badly things have turned, be glad about today’s
opportunities, and seize the moment. Be glad about the day you’re living in and
create the joyful atmosphere for a change.

the hope of the glorious future that lies ahead. If we all make the right and
proper investments in our today, we will all reap the harvest of a more
prosperous tomorrow. Make projections and proffer solutions to current
challenges while positioning yourself and the nation for a greater tomorrow.
Our hope of a better tomorrow is in itself worth celebrating.


My path in life is the path of the
just which shines brighter and brighter unto the perfect day. Today is better
than yesterday, and tomorrow will be better than today. I’m on an upward and
forward journey, and the story of my life is the testimony of God’s grace,
mercy and kindness! Amen!

May God Almighty prosper Nigeria and
Israel and defend them from all their enemies in Jesus Christ Name, Amen!