1 Samuel 17. David and Goliath

David and Goliath ( )

David and Goliath ( ) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1 Samuel 17. David and Goliath

1 Now the Philistines gathered together their armies to battle, and were gathered together at Shochoh, which belongeth to Judah, and pitched between Shochoh and Azekah, in Ephesdammim. 2 And Saul and the men of Israel were gathered together, and pitched by the valley of Elah, and set the battle in array against the Philistines. 3 And the Philistines stood on a mountain on the one side, and Israel stood on a mountain on the other side: and there was a valley between them. 4 And there went out a champion out of the camp of the Philistines, named Goliath, of Gath, whose height was six cubits and a span. 5 And he had an helmet of brass upon his head, and he was armed with a coat of mail; and the weight of the coat was five thousand shekels of brass. 6 And he had greaves of brass upon his legs, and a target of brass between his shoulders. 7 And the staff of his spear was like a weaver’s beam; and his spear’s head weighed six hundred shekels of iron: and one bearing a shield went before him. 8 And he stood and cried unto the armies of Israel, and said unto them, Why are ye come out to set your battle in array? am not I a Philistine, and ye servants to Saul? choose you a man for you, and let him come down to me. 9 If he be able to fight with me, and to kill me, then will we be your servants: but if I prevail against him, and kill him, then shall ye be our servants, and serve us. 10 And the Philistine said, I defy the armies of Israel this day; give me a man, that we may fight together. 11 When Saul and all Israel heard those words of the Philistine, they were dismayed, and greatly afraid.

12 Now David was the son of that Ephrathite of Bethlehemjudah, whose name was Jesse; and he had eight sons: and the man went among men for an old man in the days of Saul. 13 And the three eldest sons of Jesse went and followed Saul to the battle: and the names of his three sons that went to the battle were Eliab the firstborn, and next unto him Abinadab, and the third Shammah. 14 And David was the youngest: and the three eldest followed Saul. 15 But David went and returned from Saul to feed his father’s sheep at Bethlehem. 16 And the Philistine drew near morning and evening, and presented himself forty days. 17 And Jesse said unto David his son, Take now for thy brethren an ephah of this parched corn, and these ten loaves, and run to the camp to thy brethren; 18 And carry these ten cheeses unto the captain of their thousand, and look how thy brethren fare, and take their pledge. 19 Now Saul, and they, and all the men of Israel, were in the valley of Elah, fighting with the Philistines. 20 And David rose up early in the morning, and left the sheep with a keeper, and took, and went, as Jesse had commanded him; and he came to the trench, as the host was going forth to the fight, and shouted for the battle. 21 For Israel and the Philistines had put the battle in array, army against army. 22 And David left his carriage in the hand of the keeper of the carriage, and ran into the army, and came and saluted his brethren. 23 And as he talked with them, behold, there came up the champion, the Philistine of Gath, Goliath by name, out of the armies of the Philistines, and spake according to the same words: and David heard them. 24 And all the men of Israel, when they saw the man, fled from him, and were sore afraid. 25 And the men of Israel said, Have ye seen this man that is come up? surely to defy Israel is he come up: and it shall be, that the man who killeth him, the king will enrich him with great riches, and will give him his daughter, and make his father’s house free in Israel. 26 And David spake to the men that stood by him, saying, What shall be done to the man that killeth this Philistine, and taketh away the reproach from Israel? for who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God? 27 And the people answered him after this manner, saying, So shall it be done to the man that killeth him. 28 And Eliab his eldest brother heard when he spake unto the men; and Eliab’s anger was kindled against David, and he said, Why camest thou down hither? and with whom hast thou left those few sheep in the wilderness? I know thy pride, and the naughtiness of thine heart; for thou art come down that thou mightest see the battle. 29 And David said, What have I now done? Is there not a cause? 30 And he turned from him toward another, and spake after the same manner: and the people answered him again after the former manner.

31 And when the words were heard which David spake, they rehearsed them before Saul: and he sent for him. 32 And David said to Saul, Let no man’s heart fail because of him; thy servant will go and fight with this Philistine. 33 And Saul said to David, Thou art not able to go against this Philistine to fight with him: for thou art but a youth, and he a man of war from his youth. 34 And David said unto Saul, Thy servant kept his father’s sheep, and there came a lion, and a bear, and took a lamb out of the flock: 35 And I went out after him, and smote him, and delivered it out of his mouth: and when he arose against me, I caught him by his beard, and smote him, and slew him. 36 Thy servant slew both the lion and the bear: and this uncircumcised Philistine shall be as one of them, seeing he hath defied the armies of the living God. 37 David said moreover, The LORD that delivered me out of the paw of the lion, and out of the paw of the bear, he will deliver me out of the hand of this Philistine. And Saul said unto David, Go, and the LORD be with thee. 38 And Saul armed David with his armour, and he put an helmet of brass upon his head; also he armed him with a coat of mail. 39 And David girded his sword upon his armour, and he assayed to go; for he had not proved it. And David said unto Saul, I cannot go with these; for I have not proved them. And David put them off him.

40 And he took his staff in his hand, and chose him five smooth stones out of the brook, and put them in a shepherd’s bag which he had, even in a scrip; and his sling was in his hand: and he drew near to the Philistine. 41 And the Philistine came on and drew near unto David; and the man that bare the shield went before him. 42 And when the Philistine looked about, and saw David, he disdained him: for he was but a youth, and ruddy, and of a fair countenance. 43 And the Philistine said unto David, Am I a dog, that thou comest to me with staves? And the Philistine cursed David by his gods. 44 And the Philistine said to David, Come to me, and I will give thy flesh unto the fowls of the air, and to the beasts of the field. 45 Then said David to the Philistine, Thou comest to me with a sword, and with a spear, and with a shield: but I come to thee in the name of the LORD of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast defied. 46 This day will the LORD deliver thee into mine hand; and I will smite thee, and take thine head from thee; and I will give the carcases of the host of the Philistines this day unto the fowls of the air, and to the wild beasts of the earth; that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel. 47 And all this assembly shall know that the LORD saveth not with sword and spear: for the battle is the LORD’s, and he will give you into our hands.

48 And it came to pass, when the Philistine arose, and came and drew nigh to meet David, that David hasted, and ran toward the army to meet the Philistine. 49 And David put his hand in his bag, and took thence a stone, and slang it, and smote the Philistine in his forehead, that the stone sunk into his forehead; and he fell upon his face to the earth. 50 So David prevailed over the Philistine with a sling and with a stone, and smote the Philistine, and slew him; but there was no sword in the hand of David. 51 Therefore David ran, and stood upon the Philistine, and took his sword, and drew it out of the sheath thereof, and slew him, and cut off his head therewith. And when the Philistines saw their champion was dead, they fled. 52 And the men of Israel and of Judah arose, and shouted, and pursued the Philistines, until thou come to the valley, and to the gates of Ekron. And the wounded of the Philistines fell down by the way to Shaaraim, even unto Gath, and unto Ekron. 53 And the children of Israel returned from chasing after the Philistines, and they spoiled their tents. 54 And David took the head of the Philistine, and brought it to Jerusalem; but he put his armour in his tent. 55 And when Saul saw David go forth against the Philistine, he said unto Abner, the captain of the host, Abner, whose son is this youth? And Abner said, As thy soul liveth, O king, I cannot tell. 56 And the king said, Inquire thou whose son the stripling is. 57 And as David returned from the slaughter of the Philistine, Abner took him, and brought him before Saul with the head of the Philistine in his hand. 58 And Saul said to him, Whose son art thou, thou young man? And David answered, I am the son of thy servant Jesse the Bethlehemite.

May GOD bless Nigeria, America and Israel and take care of us; May GOD make His face shine upon us, And be gracious to us; May the LORD lift up His countenance upon us, And give us peace, In Jesus Christ Name, we pray! Amen!

May the grace the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. Amen!

Sermon And Prayer Points By Pastor E A Adeboye RCCG February 2013 Holy Ghost Service. Wonderful By Daddy G O.

English: Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey

Sermon And Prayer Points By Pastor E A Adeboye RCCG February 2013 Holy Ghost Service. Wonderful By Daddy G O

Wonderful Jesus, don’t let me leave here the same tonight.

-Wonderful Jesus, let Your wonders begin in my life tonight.

-Join your hand with someone and say Father, I’m with agreement with this Your child, give him/her wonderful victory in every area.


The month of February is the month of fasting and praying, a time set aside by RCCG for waiting on God. Take it seriously because God says for those who will take the fasting and prayer serious, He will drive all the evil forces away from them.

TEXT: Isaiah 9:6
“For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.”

The word ‘Wonderful’ is the combination of two words ‘WONDER’ and ‘FULL’. Isaiah 9:6 says one of the names of Jesus is Wonderful meaning He is full of wonders.

Acts 2:22 talks about how God approved Jesus because of the miracles, signs and wonders He performed. Wonders are superior to miracles, they are a higher category of miracles. In the name that is above every other name, something more than miraculous will happen to you in Jesus name. Amen

There are so many wonderful things about Jesus.

His name is wonderful. The name of Jesus is the only name recognized in 3 realms. In heaven, on earth and beneath the earth. His name guarantees answers to prayer

His love is wonderful. John 15:13 says Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

His peace is wonderful. Philippians 4:7 makes us understand that His peace passes all understanding

His power is wonderful. Matt 28:18 says all power in heaven and earth as been given to Him.

The list is endless! His grace, joy, strength is wonderful.

When God heals someone from a disease it’s great but when a disease that is incurable becomes cured, it’s wonderful. In Mark 5:25-34, the bible tells us that the woman with the issue of blood had gone to many physicians who couldn’t solve her problem but when she came to Jesus, the incurable illness became curable. In the name that is above every other name, from this moment, you’ll be enjoying the miracles of God. Every impossible thing in your life will become possible in Jesus name. Amen!

Healing is good but when healing involves creative miracle, we call it wonderful. In John 9:1-7 the bible tells a story of a man that was born blind but when he had an encounter with Jesus, he was given brand new eyes. If you have a miracle that is creative, we call that wonderful!

Financial breakthrough is great, but when money doesn’t stop coming in that’s wonderful. The bible tells us in 1Kings 17:1-15 about the widow of Zarephath who made her last meal for the prophet and since that day her pot of oil never went dry. If we were to ask the widow what she said every morning she woke up to see her pots filled with oil, she probably would have said “wonderful”. Before the end of this year, when you look at your account from month to month you’ll be saying ‘Wonderful!” in Jesus name. Amen

When a barren woman gives birth to a child it’s great and calls for rejoicing but when a barren woman who has been mocked severally all of a sudden ends up with 6 children, it becomes wonderful! Hannah who had waited on the Lord for a child ended up with 6 children (1Sam 2:21).

Deliverance from an unclean spirit is great but when someone with a legion of demons is set free, that is wonderful! Mark 5:1-15. It doesn’t matter how many demons troubling you, in the name above every other name, you will be free tonight. Amen. For all those forces who thought they have captured you, by the time the see you next, they will say “wonderful!”

Raising the one who has just died takes a miracle like Jarius daughter, raising someone who is about to be buried takes a bigger miracle (Luke 7:11-15) but raising someone who has died and been buried for 4 days is the definition of wonderful (John 11:17). Those who were around when Lazarus came out of the tomb after four days would have been saying ‘wonderful’

Raising the dead is a miracle, when ones dead bones begin to raise the dead then it’s a greater miracle but when you consider Ezekiel 37:1-10, where the bible gives an account of how the words of a prophet raises dry bones, puts skin on them and then raises a mighty army from dry bones then that is wonderful! 2kings 13

In the name that is above every other name, every dry bone in your life will come back to life in Jesus name.

In every hopeless situation the wind of God must blow so that your life can turn around for good, it will blow and before this night is over, you’ll have reasons to shout ‘wonderful’

The God who can reverse the irreversible is alive to attend to your case tonight. Everything good in your life that has died will resurrect tonight in Jesus name! Amen.

The Lord says the one who sent sorrow to your house will come back to pick it up.

The Lord says this year even your doubts will not stop your sun from rising!

When God uses the devil to solve your problem, the miracle is called ‘wonderful!’. Every evil that has come into your home to cause any type of problem shall be uprooted in Jesus name. Amen

Killing a lion with mere hand is a miracle. Killing a bear is a greater miracle because a bear represents an enemy pretending to be a friend. In the name that is above every other name, every enemy pretending to be a friend will be exposed in Jesus name. Amen

However, killing a Goliath takes a kind of miracle called wonderful. This is because Goliath represents somebody who wants to stand between you and your destiny. Just as Goliath fell, anyone standing between you and your destiny will fall this year in Jesus name. Amen.

Anyone that says you won’t reach your goal this year in particular, the almighty God will uproot him/her in Jesus name. Amen

The Lord says just as the wall of Jericho fell, all your opponent will crumble one by one. Amen!

Changing your destiny for the better is great. In 1kings 19, Elijah’s destiny was changed from being a farmer to a prophet. Restoring your destiny is greater. In Exodus 3:1-15, Moses destiny to become the deliverer of Israel was restored. But when God looks down from heaven to transform the destiny of a man whose destiny had been truncated, we call that wonderful! In Numbers 3:9-11, God called Levi whose destiny had been crushed as a result of Jacob’s prayer on his death bed to draw closer and take the position of 1st born in Israel.

If your destiny had been tampered with, it will be fully restored tonight in Jesus name and you’ll go home shouting wonderful! Amen

In Acts 3:1-11,when the man who was born lame at the beautiful gate started to walk, people saw him and were amazed, he became a wonder but Peter’s shadow healing the sick was most wonderful.

When God performs wonders in your life it is wonderful, when He turns you into a wonder it is more wonderful but when He uses you to perform wonders is most wonderful!

You have been known for your many problems, God says you’ll be known for many testimonies. Amen!

God says your testimony will be ‘Once upon a time I was despised, now I’m an amazement.’

Very soon you’ll announce to your relatives ‘I told you Jesus never fails’

Who deserves wonders? For who will Jesus perform wonders?

Only those that are on the Lord’s side will experience God’s wonders.

In Exodus 32:25-26 bible says while Moses went up to get the commandment, the people pressured Aaron to create an idol they could worship. Moses got back angry, he stood by the gate and cried out ‘who is on the Lord’s side let him come to me’ then everyone from the tribe of Levi went to Moses.


1)   Praise Him for all He has done for you.

2)   Father, from now let me enjoy wonderful health.

3)   Father, from now let me enjoy wonderful wealth.

4)  Father, from now let me enjoy wonderful peace and joy.

5)   Father, from now let me enjoy wonderful anointing.

6)  Father make my breakthroughs wonderful.

7)    Father, please perform wonders through me.

8)   Father, make my family one of signs and wonders.

9)  Father let me fulfill my destiny.

10)   Father if my destiny has been tampered with, please transform it.

11)   Father, every evil force in my family uproot wonderfully in this month.

12)   Personal Prayer Point.

May GOD bless Nigeria, America and Israel and take care of us; May GOD make His face shine upon us, And be gracious to us; May the LORD lift up His countenance upon us, And give us peace, In Jesus Christ Name, we pray!

Popular Stories In The Bible

Forgive, and ye shall be forgiven, as in the r...

Forgive, and ye shall be forgiven, as in the reconciliation of Jacob and Esau in Genesis 33, after Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld, illustration from a Bible card published by the Providence Lithograph Company (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Popular Stories In The BibleAdam and Eve Genesis 2:1
Noah’s Ark Genesis 6:8
The Tower of Babel Genesis 11:1
Abraham and Sarah Genesis 12:1
Abraham Told to Sacrifice Isaac Genesis 22:1
Jacob and Esau Genesis 25:19
Jacob’s Twelve Sons Genesis 29:31
Joseph Sold Into Slavery Genesis 37:5
Moses Rescued as a Baby from the Nile Exodus 2:1
The Plagues of Egypt Exodus 7:14
Moses Leads the Israelites Through the Red Sea Exodus 14:1
The Walls of Jericho Joshua 6:1
Samson and Delilah Judges 16:4
Samuel the Prophet 1Samuel 1:19
David and Goliath 1Samuel 17:1
Jonah and the Big Fish Jonah 1:1
Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego Daniel 3:1
Daniel and the Lion’s Den Daniel 6:11
The Birth of Jesus Matthew 1:18
The Parable of the Good Samaritan Luke 10:25
Palm Sunday Mark 11:1
The Resurrection John 20:1
Speaking in Tongues Act 2:1
The Conversion of Paul Act 9:1

Prayer Points. Mountain Of Fire And Miracles Ministries. Power Must Change Hands Prayer Programme. Crushing Your Goliath.

Teach Me, O Lord

Teach Me, O Lord (Photo credit: sleepymyf)

Prayer Points.Mountain Of Fire And Miracles Ministries. Power Must Change Hands Prayer Programme “Crushing Your Goliath

Praise Worship

Scripture Reading – 1 Samuel 17

Confession – Psalm 149:8

1. I cut off the head of the Goliath of my father’s house, in the name of Jesus.

2. I paralyse every personal Goliath, in the name of Jesus.

3. I will not abort the will of God for my life, in the name of Jesus.

4. O Lord, set my inner clock for divine appointment, in the name of Jesus.

5. Every evil contract working against my life, be re-written by the blood of Jesus.

6. I reverse every satanic calendar for my life, in the name of Jesus.

7. Anything my ancestors have done to pollute my life, be dismantled now, in the name of Jesus.

8. I refuse to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, in the name of Jesus.

9. I bind every negative energy assigned against me in the air, water, and ground, in the name of Jesus.

10. Anything from the kingdom of darkness that has made it their business to hinder me, I stop you before you stop me, in Jesus’ name.

11. Powers of the oppressors assigned against me, be bound with chains that cannot be broken, in the name of Jesus.

12. Ancestral strongman, I strip off all your spiritual armour, in the name of Jesus.

13. Ancestral strongman, loose the support of other evil spirits, in the name of Jesus.

14. Ancestral strongman, do not involve yourself with me again, in the name of Jesus.

15. I renounce any signing of my name over to satan, in the name of Jesus.

16. I reject all satanic dedications made on my behalf, in the name of Jesus.

17. Any power using my blood for evil assignments, loose your hold, in the name of Jesus.

18. I reject and renounce all curses and evil pronouncements working against my life, in the name of Jesus.

19. Every witchcraft assignment against my life, be frustrated, in the name of Jesus.

20. I renounce all guardians and spirit parents assigned against my destiny, in the name of Jesus.

21. I reject every satanic baptism, in the name of Jesus.

22. I have been baptised into Christ Jesus and my identity is now in Christ, in the name of Jesus.

23. I bind and cast out any familiar spirit attached to any part of me, in the name of Jesus.

24. I accept only God’s assignment for my life, in the name of Jesus.

25. In Jesus’ name, I declare all curses against me null and void, in the name of Jesus.

26. Every mechanism of satanic manipulation, be dismantled, in the name of Jesus.

27. Every pronouncement of death upon my life, go back to the sender, in the name of Jesus.

28. O Lord, Increase the power of my prosperity magnet, in the name of Jesus.

29. I reclaim any part of my life that have been connected to evil, in the name of Jesus.

30. I reverse every evil scheme against my life, in the name of Jesus.

31. I apply the penalty of tormenting fire against household witches, in the name of Jesus.

32. I bind every spirit helping my enemies, in the name of Jesus.

33. I place myself at the foot of Your cross, O Lord, in the name of Jesus.

34. O Lord, cover me with Your precious blood, in the name of Jesus.

35. O thou that troubleth the Israel of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, the God of Elijah shall trouble you today.

36. Every enemy of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, scatter, in the name of Jesus.

37. O God, arise and uproot anything You did not plant inside the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, in the name of Jesus.

38. Let the fire of revival fall upon Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, in the name of Jesus.

May GOD bless Nigeria, America and Israel and take care of us; May GOD make His face shine upon us, And be gracious to us; May the LORD lift up His countenance upon us, And give us peace, In Jesus Christ Name, we pray! Amen!

Mountain Of Fire And Miracles Ministries. Prayer Of Recovery. Pursue. Overtake And Recover.

English: Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey

English: Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mountain Of Fire And Miracles Ministries. Prayer Of Recovery. “Pursue, Overtake And Recover

  1. Thank God for His love, and mercy on you.
  2. Praise the Lord with this chorus: “Who is like unto Thee . . .?”
  3. The Lord should ordain terrifying noises unto the camp of the enemies of the gospel in my life (II Kings 7:6,7).
  4. I command every satanic embargo on my goodness and prosperity to be scattered to irreparable pieces, in the name of Jesus.
  5. Let every door of attack on my spiritual progress be closed, in Jesus’ name.
  6. Holy Spirit, set me on Fire for God.
  7. I command all my imprisoned benefits to be released, in Jesus’ name.
  8. The Lord should anoint me to pull down negative strongholds standing against me, in the name of Jesus.
  9. Let the thunder fire of God strike down all demonic strongholds manufactured against me.
  10. The Lord should anoint me with the power to pursue, overtake and recover my stolen properties from the enemy.
  11. The Lord should bring to naught every evil counsellor and counsel against me.
  12. The enemy shall not have a hiding place in my life in Jesus’ name.
  13. Let all blocked ways of prosperity be open up in Jesus’ name.
  14. I command the devil to take his legs off my finances in Jesus’ name.
  15. I paralyze every spirit of Goliath with the stones of fire in the name of Jesus.
  16. Pray in the Spirit for at least fifteen (15) minutes.
  17. I command every demonic transport vehicle loading away my benefits to be paralyzed, in the name of Jesus.
  18. I receive the power to pursue every stubborn pursue into the red sea, in the name of Jesus.
  19. Let the mandate issued to every robber of my blessing be rendered null and void, in the name of Jesus.
  20. O Lord, provide me with the Moses to face my Pharaoh and the David to face my Goliath.
  21. Let the wheels of all pursuing evil chariots be chattered, in the name of Jesus.
  22. I pursue and overtake all forces of household wickedness and I recover my stolen items from them, in the name of Jesus.
  23. Let blessings, goodness and prosperity pursue and overtake me, in the mighty name of Jesus.
  24. I command all my properties captured by spiritual robbers in the dream to become too hot to handle and to come back to me, in the name of Jesus.

May GOD bless Nigeria, America and Israel and take care of us; May GOD make His face shine upon us, And be gracious to us; May the LORD lift up His countenance upon us, And give us peace, In Jesus Christ Name, we pray! Amen!

Be Bold To Act Your Faith, For God Has Not Given Us The Spirit Of Fear; But Of Power, And Of Love, And Of Sound Mind

Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...

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I’m always so inspired each time I study the accounts of
certain characters in the Bible who displayed outstanding boldness and courage
in the face of fierce oppositions. David, for one, as a young lad, fearlessly
challenged and defeated Goliath, who according to the Bible terrified the whole
of Israel, including Saul the king (1 Samuel 17:4-11). How come David was able
to defeat Goliath? He certainly wasn’t the only one that knew about God’s
covenant with Israel, but he was bold to act his faith, on the basis of that

It’s not enough that you know and believe what God has said
about you in His Word, you must consciously take action, on the basis of that
knowledge! You must be bold to act your faith! Faith is action added to the
Word of God that you have heard and believed. If there’s no action, then
there’s no faith, for faith without corresponding action is dead (James 2:26).
The Christian life is a participation in divinity, and to be able to experience
this to the full, you must be bold to act your faith! You must recognize and
take advantage of the dynamic ability of the spirit that’s at work in you.

The Apostle Peter understood this and boldly commanded a man
that was lame from birth to rise up and walk: “Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: in the
name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk” (Acts 3:6).
And when it
looked as though the man wasn’t going to respond, Peter, the Bible says, “took him by the right hand, and lifted him
up: and immediately his feet and ankle bones received strength. And he leaping
up stood, and walked, and entered with them into the temple, walking, and
leaping, and praising God”
(Acts 3:7-8).

The Bible says, “The
righteous are bold as a lion”
(Proverbs 28:1); there’s a supernatural power
at work in your life that produces divine courage. So like Peter, be bold to
act your faith today! Be bold to address satan and negative circumstances in
the Name Of Jesus Christ and expect a change.


My Heavenly Father has not given me the spirit of fear but
of power, love and of a sound mind; therefore I’m bold today to act my faith; I
function with the ability of the Spirit today for the Spirit of God is working
in my life, causing me to have divine courage and confidence, in the Name of
Jesus Christ. Amen!


Thank You Daddy for Our nations Nigeria and Israel! In Jesus Mighty
Name, Amen!