How To Be A Fruitful Protégé Under Your Mentor In Ministry.

How To Be A Fruitful Protégé Under Your Mentor In Ministry.

Matthew_11-29: Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

Matthew_11-29: Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

1. Have a Servant’s Heart.

2. Look for Things that Need Doing and Do Them.

3. Do not expect the Pastor to be your Buddy or Friend.

4. Do not expect the Pastor to Counsel You or Meet your Needs.

5. In the Pastor’s Absence, Run Things Exactly as He Would If He were there.

6. Be Unconditionally Loyal.

7. Never Gossip.

8. Defend the Pastor and the Ministry from all Negative Talk, Gossip, Slander, and Anything that would Undermine God’s Work.

9. Be on the Premises before the Pastor Arrives; Don’t Leave Until He Does.

10. Be at Every Service.

11. Look at the Pastor Frequently when He’s on the Platform to See if He Needs Anything.

12. Check the Lighting, Temperature, and Disruptions.

13. Hold up the Pastor’s Arms.

14. Be Supportive and Helpful.

15. Don’t be a “Yes” Man. Give your Opinion Clearly; and Then Drop It.

16. Pray Every Day for the Pastor.

17. Keep every Aspect of the Ministry Confidential.

18. The Only Reason You are There is Because the Senior Man Doesn’t Have Time to Do It All Himself—Assist him, Help him, Ease his Load, and Carry the Burden.

19. You can’t help if You’re Not There.

20. Keep the Pastor Informed about Absolutely Everything—Be His Eyes and Ears, Be a Narc for Jesus.

21. Be Submissive and Loyal.

22. Carry a Pad and a Pen; Take Notes Every Time the Pastor Shares with You, So You Won’t Forget Anything.

23. Correct Problems, then Follow Up, and Keep Them Corrected.

24. Allow the Pastor to Ventilate and Air His Frustrations; Don’t take it Personally.

25. Don’t wear your Feelings on your Sleeve; Don’t be Needy or Overly Sensitive.

26. Don’t Make Excuses. When Corrected, Admit Where You Are Wrong, Take Responsibility, Get Your Feelings Out of the Way, and Make the Needed Changes.

27. Stick to the Simple Vision of the Ministry, e.g., Sharing God’s Word in Love.

28. Counsel from the Bible Exactly as the Pastor Would Do.

29. Clear Everything with the Pastor Before You Do It or Buy It.

30. Be Financially Frugal and Ultra-conservative.

31. Die to Self; Get Your Ego and Pride Out of the Way. Be in Ministry for What You Can Give, Not what You Can Get.

32. Apologize Easily.

33. When Subordinates Mess Up, Take Responsibility Yourself; Own It and Fix It.

34. Make the Pastor Look Good.

35. Be Humble; Stay Humble.

36. Enjoy the Ministry, Have Fun, and Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously; the Kingdom of God Doesn’t Depend on You.

37. Set the Spiritual Tone of the Ministry—Make it Loving, Helpful, and Friendly; a Place People Like to Be.

38. Create a Loving Environment.

39. Be on Your Knees before God.

40. Sing, Smile, Serve, and Love Others.

41. Be Sure the Widows, Hospitalized, and Folks in Nursing Homes are Well-Cared For.

42. Be Creative—Look for More Ways to Help.

43. Keep in God’s Love; Let Him Bless You.

44. Stay Strong and Healthy; Fight the Good Fight; Keep Your Body Under Submission; Be a Soldier, a Farmer, and an Athlete for Christ.

45. Impact Others Positively.

46. The Church is Like a Ship. Jesus is the Lord High Admiral of the Fleet; the Pastor is the Captain of Your Vessel; You are the First Mate, the Chief Petty Officer—Responsible for the Crew, and Responsible to your Captain for All Things.
47. Watch Out for People with Ulterior Motives.

48. Rise above Petty Cliques and Divisions; Serve with Loyalty and Love.

49. Wash Feet, Pick up Trash, Wash Windows, and Fix Things; Serve, Serve, Serve.

50. Walk Closely with Jesus. Love Him, Serve Him, and Do All things unto Him. Maintain a Strong Devotional Life.

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