Today Is National Spouse Day. Hip Hip Hop Hurray.

Today Is National Spouse Day! Hip Hip Hop Hurray!

National Spouse Day

National Spouse Day

Today is National Spouse Day!! Do something special for your spouse on this day. Tell Your Spouse You Love Him/her, #NationalSpouseDay

Thank You Jesus!


2 thoughts on “Today Is National Spouse Day. Hip Hip Hop Hurray.

  1. It is a wonderful blessing this year we will celebrate our 39th Anniversary. My wife and I were married in Christ June 24th 1977, 23 days after this poem was written.

    Three Together As One

    An angel came to my world with a message
    Holding a perfect triangle in His hand
    He asked me if I knew why he carried it
    I laughed at him thinking such a crazy man

    He placed it down on a piece of paper
    Beginning to trace all of its shared lines
    As the image together became complete
    He then asked of me to open up my mind

    He explained how its adjoining three points
    All share equally the same space in between
    He went on to ask me this single question
    If I truly understood what it really means

    He went on to say how it truly displays
    In such a very special and wholesome way
    A wonderful side of pure spiritual wisdom
    Which many alive fail to embrace each day

    The top point of the triangle sit’s our God
    With His glory, grace, forgiveness and love
    But the two lines which went away from Him
    Went to the two creations He was most proud of

    The third line reflects Gods strong foundation
    A shelter when needing guidance the two can be
    But here in the triangle they would be connected
    Reflecting how the relationship will be for three

    If as a man you turn your head away from God
    You cannot hide from him anything you might do
    As you are connected to both God and your wife
    He will see and feel all you might plan to do

    It is the same for the wife as with her husband
    If she ever for some reason chooses to turn away
    God will see the paths which she also might take
    And nothing would be hidden from Him in any way

    The point of the message which he shared with me
    Was to help us understand where our hearts should stay
    He said look at the connecting lines in your life
    Sharing and depending will bless your lives each day

    For God will love and embrace you both all the time
    With His blossoming love in so many beautiful ways
    And His blessings will always nourish your lives daily
    When in this threefold embrace of love you both stay.

    Never mistreat each other a single day in your lives
    Treat and love the other as you would love yourself
    And when God looks daily upon your steps each day
    Your hearts will never in His eyes leave any doubt.


    Wonderful post my brother, God Bless!

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