God is glorified when we live in His salvation

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God is glorified when we live in His salvation

John 9:4 says: “I must work the works of Him that sent Me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.” What Jesus did is the work of the Father. It was an expression of God’s will. It was directly connected to and inseparable from the salvation that He provided. Salvation includes all that Jesus showed us through His life. When we see what Jesus did, we see His will, and we see what He desires to do for us through our salvation. The work of Christ in His earthly lifetime, the work of Christ on the cross, and the work of Christ in His resurrection all reflect His purpose for our salvation. When we see Jesus heal the sick, we know healing is in our salvation. He came to save us, not condemn us. Jesus came to seek and save the lost, to rescue them, and to heal them. He is doing the very same things today. God is glorified when we live in His salvation. Not just when we go to heaven, but when people see what He has saved us from and brought us into while we are here on earth.

Glorify the Father!

May The Good Lord Save Nigeria And Israel From All Our Enemies And Prosper Us Beyond Our Imaginations, In Jesus Christ Mighty Name We Pray, Amen!


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