Reminding people of their failures is not a way to help them

Jesus H. ChristReminding people of their failures is not a way to help them

In the 4th chapter of John, Jesus found a woman beside a well. She was a Samaritan woman, and Jesus began to speak to her from the wisdom and knowledge of God. He asked her a question, “Where is your husband?” She answered, “I don’t have one.” Jesus replied, “That’s true. You’ve had five, and the one you are with now is not your husband.” Jesus knew where this woman was. Think of how many wrongs she had done according to our standard of righteousness. She was living with a man, committing adultery. But Jesus did not condemn her. He did not rehearse her sins or remind her of her failures. Reminding people of their failures is not a way to help. Jesus was there to save her, not condemn her. Jesus spoke to her, giving her a revelation about what was to come. Her life was transformed, and she was filled with joy, excitement, and expectation. Jesus met her in her greatest failure, knowing how many times she had tried and failed to do it right, and He transformed her life. Jesus is here now for us to do the same. Though we have failed, He is here to do what? To save us. This is what He wants to do for all of us. Maybe success has divorced itself from you, but Jesus is not finished with you yet.

He’s still working!

May Our God The Almighty prosper Nigeria and Israel and defend us from all our enemies in Jesus Christ Name, Amen!


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