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Worship begins in your heart

Worship begins in your heart.

Usually, there will come a time when God will test the depth of your   devotion to Him. In Genesis 22, He tested Abraham‘s faith beyond anything   imaginable. The Lord instructed Abraham to take his only son, Isaac, and   offer him as a sacrifice.For a moment, draw this parallel in your mind: God sent   His own Son to earth and willingly offered Him as a sacrifice for our sins.   Was God’s request of Abraham a foreshadowing of what would come? Perhaps.   However, the one thing we want to focus on here is that Abraham was willing   to obey God. He did not talk back, make excuses, or turn away from God. He   just obeyed – knowing in his heart that the Lord would provide the right   sacrifice.

When they had reached their destination, Abraham spoke with words of   faith as he told his servants, “I and the lad will . . . worship and   return to you” (v.5). When it came to the actual moment of sacrifice,   God stopped him. “Abraham! . . . Do not stretch out your hand against   the lad, and do nothing to him; for now I know that you fear God, since you   have not withheld your son, your only son, from Me” (vv. 11-12). God did   not want Abraham to harm his son. He was just checking Abraham’s devotion.

How often have you faced a difficult situation and thought,   “Lord, You can have anything, but please, just don’t take ______.”   You can fill in the blank for yourself. In this situation, Abraham would have   written in the name of his son Isaac – the answer to the promise God had   given him years earlier. Sadly, while God longs for our fellowship, the one   that loses out in this case is the person who fails to enter His gates with   thanksgiving. He does not need us, but we definitely need Him.

Is there something that you are withholding from God? Could it be a   relationship, dream, idea, or pursuit? Worship begins in the heart.   Therefore, always be willing to obey the Lord by letting go of anything you   deem more valuable than your relationship with Him. When you do, His goodness   and mercy will be poured out in abundance for you.

God never sends a test our way just because He’s in a testing mood. He   has a specific purpose in mind. Usually, it is to draw us closer to Himself.

May God Almighty prosper Nigeria and Israel and   defend us from all their enemies in Jesus Christ Name, Amen!


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