God leads me beside the quiet waters, He restores my soul. Hold onto Jesus

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God leads me beside the quiet waters He restores my soul. Hold onto Jesus

When is the last time you felt frustrated, frightened, or fearful? Instead of releasing that thought, hang on to it for a moment. Did these feelings come as a result of the death of a loved one or the news of a grave illness? Perhaps, you received word that you were going to be laid off from your job. With no one at home to help, it feels as though you have reached a dead end. How will you take care of your family? Where will the money come from to pay the bills?

Many times, God allows us to face great difficulties – not to hurt us or make us feel as though we have been left without any hope – but in order to teach us to turn our faces to Him and cry out for help. Never forget that He is omniscient and knows all about our circumstances.

David wrote Psalm 23 as a standard of hope. It is a promise that you can claim whenever you sense despair coming your way. It also is a testimony to what God did for David and what He will do for you. When the problems of life heat up and your soul becomes dry and thirsty, God will refresh you by leading you beside His still waters.

David was never separated long from trouble. He spent years running from King Saul who turned out to be a mad man and was intent on David’s destruction. Sorrow, loss, separation from family members, and deep heartache were the building blocks of faith in David’s life. And in Acts 13:22, God calls him, ”a man after My heart.”

Are you a man or a woman who has a heart for God, or are you frantically chasing broken dreams and worldly desires? If your testimony is one of rushing and running, then it is time for you to stop and let go. Allow God to give you a cool drink of His eternal water. Then your heart will know peace.

“He makes me lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside quiet waters”(Psalm 23:2).
May God Almighty prosper Nigeria and Israel and defend us from all their enemies in Jesus Christ Name, Amen!


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