Worship Is Sacrifical

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READ: Genesis 22:1-14

“Take with you words,
and turn to the Lord: say unto Him, ‘Take away all our iniquity, and receive us
graciously: so will we render the calves of our lips.”  (Hosea 14:2)

Worship is
not just singing worship songs or bowing down before God because of our
expectation of what to get from Him.

Worship is
multifaceted; it is more than singing songs of praise and dancing or giving to
God. Singing or other means of worship are just the acts of worship, but our
heart connection with God is the most important and honouring to God i.e.
having a heart that sings worships not just a mouth that sings worship songs.

Looking at
Abraham, our father of faith, in that time and age there was no church where
praise and worship could be conducted yet he knew that worship in the sight of
God meant life.

The secret
of worship, as required by God is obedience and faith. In our case we may
consider an Isaac to be our quality time, that which cost you something, our
possessions or even our careers or ministries.

Abraham did
not kill his only begotten son eventually, for God provided a ram of worship.
God blessed Abraham for bringing a life offering to Him. He ultimately yielded
his life to God. God cut a covenant with him there and blessed him.

Make me a worshipper, and one after
Your Own heart, O Lord!

May Our God The Almighty prosper Nigeria and Israel and defend us from
all our enemies in Jesus Christ Name, Amen!



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