Holy Spirit adds beauty and colour to our lives

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His Spirit made the heavens
beautiful….(Job 36:13 TNLT)

Have you
ever met someone whose life was “Colourless”? By it I mean things were just
dull and stale and there was nothing inspiring about the person. Such people
are always seeking fulfilment in all the wrong places, but it eludes them.
That’s a sign that such folks have not yielded to the ministry of the Holy

When the
Holy Spirit comes to live in you, He brings colour and beauty into your life!
There will be freshness about your life every single day that can’t be ignored.
If He can only find a way to express Himself in you, your life will be full of
beauty, glory and grace.

When you
study the account of creation in the Bible, you’ll discover that the earth was
a chaotic mass, covered in darkness. But the Bible says that the Spirit of God hovered
over the dark vapour (Genesis 1:1-3). When God spoke and commanded things to
change, guess who went into action? It was the Holy Spirit! He specializes in
beautifying even the worst of situations! When He comes on the scene, the chaos
and disorder vanishes and He brings in colour, order and beauty! All the beauty
that you see in all of God’s creation was produced by the Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit has brought so much beauty and colour into my life and He can do
the same for you. I don’t have any “Blue days” because He makes each day a new
and exciting experience. As you yield to Him, your life will become so full of
beauty and colour that those around you will wonder what you’re doing that
makes you so special. He’ll give you beauty for ashes, such that when people
look at you, they’ll see the beauty and favour of God upon your life.


Precious Holy Spirit of God, You have
come into my life to bring in the beauty, glory and colour of God. I yield
myself to you to have your way in me. I let go of all unnecessary toll and
struggles and I welcome beauty and grace into my every day existence, in the
Name of Jesus Christ! Amen!


May Our God The Almighty prosper
Nigeria and Israel and defend us from all our enemies in Jesus Christ Name,




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