There Is No God!

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Only a fool would say “There is no
God!” People like that are worthless; they are heartless and cruel and never do
right (Psalm 14:1 CEV).

A gentleman
said at one time, “I don’t believe in miracles. I believe in my hard work.” So,
he worked hard all his life and he was of course rewarded. He prospered
financially and was elevated in the society. He believed everything he needed
in life could only come through his hard work and categorized as lazy folks
those who looked forward to miracles.

Many years
later, he became very sick and the doctors diagnosed the problem to be cancer.
He spent everything he had just to keep alive through chemotherapy and several
others treatment administered to him in the hospitals he visited around the
world. He sold everything he had, but his health still worsened. Finally, he
sent for a minister to come and pray for him. When the man of God got to him,
he looked at his emaciated body and asked, “Do you believe in miracle?” “I
never believed in miracles but I think I need one right now” He responded. The
man had thought he was smart. He didn’t know he was playing the fool for the
Bible already says, “Only a fool would say ‘There is no God’…” (Psalm 53:1

I believe in
miracles and the reason is that I believe in God. If there’s God, He must be
powerful enough to intervene in the natural laws. Also, He should be caring and
loving enough to help man beyond the realm of medical science. This has been
proved many times over by the myriads of testimonies emanating all over the

Hard work is
good, but that alone isn’t enough to get you through life victoriously. The
system of this world will take you up for only a short while. Permanent success
with permanent prosperity can be found only in God. The Bible reminds us of the
limited ability of physical strength in Ecclesiastes 9:11 “……the race is not to
the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet
riches to men of understanding, not yet favour to men of skill….” This is the reason
I feel sorry for those people who want to get ahead in life with the principles
of the system of this world, rather than with Christ Jesus!


Dear Heavenly Father, I am so
grateful to You for revealing Yourself to me. I will always testify of Your
Love and Kindness, so the whole world will recognize Your miracle-working power
in my life, and believe in The Lord Jesus Christ! Amen!

May Our God The Almighty prosper
Nigeria and Israel and defend us from all our enemies in Jesus Christ Name,



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