I Wonder What Angels Look Like In Heaven

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The word Angel
means “Messenger.” Angels are God’s messengers and warriors. They are invisible
to us, but in the Bible we read about people who saw angels. Sometimes the
angels revealed their identity and sometimes they didn’t.

Lot showed hospitality to two men and only later found out
they were angels (Genesis 19:1-3).

Manoah and his wife talked to a man but didn’t realize he
was an angel (Judges 13:16).

Other angels revealed themselves right away. Angels appeared
this way to Mary (Luke 1:30), Peter (Acts 12:7), Paul (Acts 27:23), John
(Revelation 22:8-9), and many others. Some of the angels described in the Bible
had wings others didn’t. We don’t know exactly what angels look like in heaven.
But if you are a Christian, you will one day be with them in heaven and know
exactly what they look like.

Culled from: Kids’ Life Application Bible

May The Almighty GOD prosper Nigeria
and Israel and defend us from all our enemies in Jesus Christ Name, Amen!


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