My Christian Confession: Angel Power Confession

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Angel Power Confession

Because I am the righteousness of God, angels have been sent to minister to me. They respond to the Word of God which I speak. Therefore, I loose angels with the words of my mouth.

I say today, let the Lord be magnified who takes pleasure in my prosperity. In the name of Jesus, I command the angels to bring to me prosperity in my spirit, in my home, in my body, in my family life, and in my finances.

I declare promotion and command the angels to bring promotion into my life. I have a blood-bought covenant promise from God Almighty to multiply exceedingly. Therefore, I confess I am exceedingly fruitful and blessed, right now, in Jesus’ name! I command the angels of God to go and bring this covenant to pass in my life now! I have the power to get wealth, and release the angels to bring wealth into my life.

I declare right now that I am healthy, healed, delivered, and freed from the bondage of sin. I am the head always, and never the tail. I am above only, and never beneath. I lend, not borrow, and everything I put my hands to prospers.

I walk in the favor of God and my favor is increased even as I am speaking. I have more than enough money to pay every bill that comes in, and I declare I am totally debt-free now! I have the authority of Heaven and in the name of Jesus, I declare that whatever I bind on the Earth, is bound in Heaven, and whatever I loose on the Earth, is loosed in Heaven.

I am free from unforgiveness and I set my will to forgive anybody for anything, no matter what! I walk in the love of God toward everyone, no exceptions! I send my angels forth right now, to do God’s pleasure and bring these words to pass. Angels, go now, and minister prosperity unto me, in Jesus’ name!

Father, I thank You in advance for all You have done on my behalf. Like You, I’ve declared what will be and am committed to calling those things that be not as though they are. Right now I rejoice, and I’m exceedingly glad that you have granted to me the petitions I have requested, while I am yet speaking. My total life prosperity is settled now, and with great expectation, I will continuously speak faith-filled words, and allow my every word and thought to confirm what I believe I have received, in Jesus’ name. Amen.



Whosoever desires to become great and the first among you, let him be your servant and your slave (Matthew 20:26-27)

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Selfless Service – A key to

“…………Whosoever desires to become great among you, let him be your
servant; and whosoever desires to be the first among you, let him be your
(Matthew 20:26-27)

Our opening scripture underscores
the responsibility of service – selfless service – as key to greatness! Today,
the Lord is letting us know that whoever must be great should be a servant –
One who serves or run errands for others; one who renders selfless service.

You’ve been called to service;
both of God and of mankind. God is mindful of, and concerned about, people more
than anything else. Thus, when you serve people through your work , the Lord
will be mindful of you and bless you as well. He’ll cause everything you do to

The Bible says there’s profit in
all labour (Proverbs 14:23). In other words, when you faithfully render
service, you’ll surely prosper. You may be a policeman, civil servant, or even
the chief executive of a corporation; it doesn’t matter the job or business you
do, when your goal is to render quality and selfless service, your greatness
will be inevitable. Greed has stopped many from serving their nation and people
as they should. Don’t let that be your story. Don’t let the desire for
excessive and inordinate gain be your driving force in life. Refuse to yield
yourself to such.

Become motivated by the joy of
service. Be inspired by the importance and relevance of your job or business
towards the betterment of your society. Make yourself needed, relevant and
indispensable to your generation by choosing to serve, for that is the pathway
to success and greatness.


Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You for inspiring me today to be
service-conscious, and to be motivated by the dream of impacting others with
the investment of my personality. I pray that You’ll grant me increased grace
and wisdom to serve You and those whom Christ Jesus died for, in Jesus Mighty Name.


A winning mindset; be ready to start small

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You need to have a mind-set of
winners if you want to rise above failure and limitations in life. Stop making
excuses and blaming everyone for your problems. No doubt, your present
challenges might be traceable to negative circumstances surrounding your life.
Nevertheless, that should not in any way deter you from achieving success or
financial prosperity. There are probably a dozen reasons why you should settle
for mediocrity and failure. Such excuses could include; I am an orphan. My parents
are very poor. The government has no social welfare for indigent youths. I
don’t have a university degree. I come from a broken home. I am a teenage
mother. I am too young; I come from a minority group. I am a college dropout.
My mother is a prostitute. My father is the devil incarnate etc. Well, I do
empathize with you. However, you must realize that those unfortunate
circumstances are not enough to keep you down. You can rise above adversity and
forge ahead in life. Consider the following scenarios and real-life

favourite movie star Genevieve Nnaji does not have a university degree yet, but
she is making waves and earning fat. She recently signed a mega modelling
contract worth $75,000. Dr Cosmas Maduka of Coscharis group fame had a rough
childhood with extreme deprivation. Today, his business empire transcends the
shores of Africa. Agbani Darego was an obscure young lady before she clinched
the highly coveted Miss World Crown as the first black African; and she was
just a teenager. General Ibrahim Babangida (IBB) and General Buba Marwa both
lost parents early in life and had to grow up with foster parents. That did not
stand in the way of their reaching the heights of their military career. Jay
Jay Okocha, Kanu Nwankwo and a host of other football stars had very humble
backgrounds but today they are highly celebrated football stars. The list is
endless and a pointer to the fact that whatever the odds against you, you can
put those limitations under your feet and become an achiever!


You might have dreams of soaring
beyond the skies; but seeing those dreams come to fruition will not come by a
magic wand. You must be ready to start small. Take legitimate opportunities as
they come your way. In fact, take the bold step and go in search of the
opportunities. Don’t wait for that super job in a blue chip company or in a
multinational firm before you get busy. Blessings do not drop from the skies so
stop wasting time. If you need to go to school part-time so as to be able to
work and earn an income, go ahead and do so. Even if the salary is paltry, stay
there and gain some experience. Be faithful, disciplined, diligent and
persistent; and blessings will locate you. Nobody ever said that success comes
easy. There are sacrifices to be made, but you must remain focused. It might
take a while, but by the grace of God, things will gradually start looking up
for you.

Be A Blessing To Others! Choose To Live A Meaningful Life; By Watering Others, You Water Yourself

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It is possible to give
away and become richer! It is also possible to hold on too tightly and lose
everything. Yes, the liberal man shall be rich! By watering others, he water
himself (Proverbs 11:24-25 TLB)

It’s not enough to live long; it’s what you live for that
really matters. There are those who live for more than a hundred years, but
made no impact in the lives of those around them; there was just nothing
significant about their lives. They really didn’t contribute to their society;
always “taking”, never giving back.

Are you contributing positively to the advancement of the
lives of those around you? This is a question you must ask yourself and truthfully
answer. Choose to live a meaningful life. One that’ll make the world move
forward, touching the lives of others in a positive way. Be a blessing to
others, and you’ll always be lifted, for you are lifted as you lift others!
Your promotion is in your promoting others. Your success is discovered when you
help others become successful. You’ll never discover the treasure God has kept
in you until you reach out to help someone else become something. That’s where
real joy is! This is because “The liberal
soul shall be made fat: and he that watereth shall be watered also himself”
(Proverbs 11:25
). Hallelujah!

God will make happen for you what you make happen for
others. So keep helping those around you stand strong and tall; help them
discover their God-given potentials; be a part of their success story. If
you’re an employer, help those in your employ realize their dreams for success.
In the same way, as an employee in an organization, be diligent; commit
yourself to improving that organization. Make the progress of that organization
your priority, for in her prosperity shall you also prosper.


Dear Heavenly Father,
I ask that You grant me today, the grace, wisdom and strength to always
recognize the need of those around me, that I may bring them hope, and inspire
them to success and greatness. I thank You for making me a lifter and helper of
others. Today, I choose to help someone be a success, in Jesus Christ Name.

Give, and It Shall Be Given Unto You; Good Measure, Pressed Down, And Shaken togther, and Running Over Shall Men Give Into Your Bosom (Luke 6:38)

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BOSOM.(Luke 6:38).

And God is able to
make all grace abound towards; you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in
all things, may abound to every good work (2 Corinthians 9:8)

There’re different levels of prosperity at which God’s
people function. Some are in the first level, where they have just enough to
get by. Some, however, are on the next level where they have more than enough
to take care of themselves, their family and a few others. Then, there’re those
who are in the arena of abundance, where they can do so much for themselves and
for many others.

However, God’s desire for you is that you move from the
realm of abundance into the realm of super-abundance, where you’re financially
strong enough to do whatever you want to do that’s good for God and for people,
whenever you want to do it, however you want to do it! This is the level of
prosperity you should strive to function in, where you’re able to help other. Nigeria,
African and the world as a whole need more of such men and women today, who are
willing and able to bring succour and relief to the less privileged amongst us.

There’re many orphans, widows, and other needy people that
could benefit from your prosperity. The Bible says in Proverbs 19:17 “He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth
unto the Lord; and that which he hath given will He pay him again”.
the Bible says the generous man is blessed for giving to the poor (Proverbs
22:9). Our opening scripture describes God’s commitment to you, when you
dedicate yourself to a lifestyle of giving; He (God)”… able to make all grace (every favour and earthly blessings) come
to you in abundance, so that you may always and under all circumstances and
whatever the need, be self-sufficient (possessing enough to require no aid or
support and furnished in abundance for every good work and charitable
donation)” (2 Corinthians 8:9 AMP).

God’s resources are limitless; His wealth is infinite. As
His kids, we’re His heirs; all that He has belongs to us. Therefore, choose to
function at the level of super-abundance. The way to press into this realm of
prosperity is through giving: “Give, and
it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together,
and running over, shall men give into your bosom…” (Luke 6:38)
. Through giving,
you multiply riches and wealth. Keep looking out for opportunities to be a
blessing to others, and the Spirit of God, apart from helping you increase your
capacity to give more, will cause you to dwell in the realm of super-abundance,
where others will benefit from your prosperity.


Through my giving,
mighty harvests of financial blessings are coming to me, and my capacity to
give is increase today by the power of God’s Spirit. I’m a big-time sponsor of
the gospel!  The kingdom of God is moving
forward because of God’s grace upon my life in Jesus Christ. Amen!

Let The Word Of God Dwell In You Richly. Keep Your Heart With All Diligence; For Out Of It Spring The Issues Of Life

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Keep thy heart with
all diligence; for out of it spring the issues of life. (Proverbs 4:23)

It’s vital that you keep the right kind of information in
your heart. Store the Word of God in you and throw away anything contrary to
it. The collection of things you store in your heart goes a long way in
influencing what type of person you’d become. The knowledge you have inside you
determines the kind of life you will live.

In Proverbs 4:23, the Word of God admonished us to guide our
heart (mind) with all diligence for out of it spring the issues of life.
Therefore, when you meditate on the Word of God alone, you’re guiding your
heart from all sorts of negative stuff.

Without the knowledge of God’s Word your heart can be dull.
Not having the ability to discern spiritual things. The Bible says such a
person is carnal. In Romans 8:7, the Word of God says, “Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject
to the law of God, neither indeed can be.”

His mind has not been renewed and he then finds himself talking want,
lack and sickness. This kind of negative talk will only tend to death, for
God’s Word says, to be carnally minded is dead.

A man who loves to study must have a collection books, a man
who loves music must have a store of musical tapes and CD. Therefore, make
effort to have your own collection of good Christian materials and study God’s
Word voraciously. Store up in you the Word of God, because with it you will
become whatever the Word says. It is only through the Word of God that you can
keep your heart and mind; the Word that brings healing, peace and happiness.
The Word must dwell in you richly as the Bible exhorts, so that we can rightly
divide the Word of Truth.


Lord, I thank You for
the Word. It is a light to my path and a lamp to my feet. The Word of God is
working in every fibre of my being. It is producing good results in me, in
Jesus Christ Name, Amen!

Thinking On God’s Word (The Bible) Is Much More Than Positive Thinking. Build Your Life On Jesus Christ


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Finally, brethren,
whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are
just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever
things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise,
think on these things (Philippians 4:8)

The things listed in this scripture are by no means
exhaustive. Paul only wanted us to have the idea of the kind of things God’s
children should think or meditate on. Some people think positively according to
the teachings of intellectual men rather than according to the Bible. That’s
not correct!

You have to understand that nothing else can put you over in
life except God’s Word. Thinking on God’s Word (The Bible) is much more than
positive thinking.  The Bible says,
through knowledge shall the just be put over, that is, delivered into their
inheritance (Proverbs 11:9). I want you to realize this is not talking about
knowledge of science or philosophy; this refers to revelation knowledge, which
the Holy Spirit imparts to you as you study God’s Word. Man can only give you
his philosophy; his wisdom never works.

It’s a shame to find how people respect men who have acquired
a lot of money and become famous, but forget what really matters. True life is
only in the Word of God; you must realize that! Don’t build your life on some
philosopher; build your life on Jesus Christ and His Living Word – The Bible.
God’s Word gives life. Think on it. Let it fill your thoughts morning, noon and
night. Whatever things are pure, just, honest, lovely, of good report, full of
praise and virtue are what you should think on I don’t think there’s anything
in all of creation that can be truer, more just , more honest, lovelier and of
better report than the Word of God. It’s actually an exhortation to think on
His Word. Spend time daily to think on God’s Word. Your words and actions are a
function of your thinking. If you think right, you will talk right and you will
surely live right!

Whenever you find yourself in a challenging situation,
instead of thinking on the problem and magnifying it, simply get hold of God’s
Word and begin to think and meditate on it! As you reflect upon God’s Word, there’ll
be a transformation, a metamorphosis, a transfiguration that will bring about a
solution and a permanent change in your life.


Lord, Your Word is in
my heart and in my mouth, I meditate upon it day and night and thereby make my
way prosperous, in Jesus Christ Name, Amen!

Saved By Grace. Salvation. Jesus Christ Did It All For You

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Your days of struggling are over! Struggling with your
salvation, health, finances, job, or relationships will come to an end the
moment you realize Jesus did it all for you. He became poor that you, through
His poverty, might be made rich. 2 Corinthians 8:9 tells us, “For ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus
Christ, that, though He was rich, yet for your sakes He became poor, that ye
through His poverty might be rich.”
When this scripture becomes real to
you, you won’t struggle with lack anymore; when you know that you were saved by
grace, you won’t struggle with your salvation by trying to work for it anymore.

It would be a tragedy for you to seek salvation and
deliverance all your life when you have actually been delivered already. You’d
never be truly happy because the purpose of the sacrifice of Jesus would not
become a reality in your life. In this state, you won’t be able to accept
forgiveness as you will always feel you were committing the same sin over and
over again.

Eternal life starts here on earth! It’s the good life in
Christ Jesus. It brings righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost. When
you allow God’s Word to gain ascendancy in your life, you’ll begin to live the
God-kind of life. He’s taken you out of darkness into His marvellous light.
You’ve been liberated!

When you accept that He has overcome the world, you will
live the overcoming life (1 John 4:4). You might be thinking you can’t prosper
except you work very hard. Remember, as faith without works is dead, so works
without faith is dead. When you work, work with faith; work with confidence,
not with doubt. Let the scriptures become real to you. When you’re starting
anything new, start with faith and not with hopelessness, frustrations and
struggles. You’ve been made free. Live without doubts; enjoy a life without


The lines are fallen
unto me in pleasant places and I have a godly heritage. I don’t need to
struggle for any good thing in life, for God is My Chosen and Assigned Portion,
He has brought me to a good place and He maintains my lot, Amen!

Fear Is a Name and It Has To Bow To The Lordship Of Christ Jesus (Jairus)

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But when Jesus heard
it, He answered him, saying, Fear not: believe only, and she shall be made
whole (Luke 8:50)

The scripture above is from the story of a man called
Jairus. He came to Jesus because he wanted Him to heal his daughter that was at
the point of death. As Jesus went with him, news got to them that Jairus’
daughter had died. At this point Jairus was discouraged but Jesus said to him,
“Fear not, only believe.” Jesus spoke immediately to stop the fear.

You have to stop the fear in your life. Don’t give in to it.
If fear comes in, it keeps you in bondage and you lose your miracle. Situations
around you might be contrary; you might be faced with pictures of fear,
failure, and lack, but don’t claim the fear, don’t talk fear. Instead, talk
about your miracle, talk about your success. Moreover, talk about your great
Heavenly Father and His power.

The Bible says, “Wherefore
God also hath highly exalted Him, and given Him a name which is above every
name: That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and
things in earth, and things under the earth” (Philippians 2:9-10).
Fear is
a name and it has to bow to the Lordship of Jesus Christ! You’re founded on the
Name of Jesus Christ, and you can’t be moved or shaken.

Keep training yourself in the Word of God until fear is
completely banished from your life. Say to yourself. “I refuse to fear, the life of God is in me. I am a victor in Christ
Jesus. Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world”.


I refuse to fear for
I am not ignorant of the wiles of the devil. I choose to walk in the
consciousness of who I am in Christ Jesus. The greater one lives in me, Amen!