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Jesus Loves You! God Loves You! Please Say “No!” To Casual Sex

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Casual sex destroys one’s destiny. Nothing destroys
destinies as much as illicit sex.

Casual sex is any sex outside of marriage. If you are not
married, it is called fornication. If you are married, it is called adultery.

Sex between two men, or two women, is homosexuality, and
lesbianism. The Bible says fornication, adultery, and homosexuality are sin (Romans
1:22-32) (Galatians 5:19). And the wages of sin is death.

Sexual sin has six warheads, so if one fails, another could
succeed, and they all ultimately lead to death and destruction. (Romans 1:27).
They are:

Please do not start dating until you are ready to settle
down for marriage; if you are married please remain faithful to your spouse.

Always remember Jesus loves you
very much! Accept Him today and have eternal life.,


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