Discovering the One True God. If you have a grandmother praying for you, a mother praying for you, beware. Don’t fight it. Don’t reject it. Enjoy the joy and peace that awaits you.

The 700 Club

The 700 Club (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Discovering the One True God. If you have a grandmother praying for you, a mother praying for you, beware. Don’t fight it. Don’t reject it. Enjoy the joy and peace that awaits you.

By Tim Smith.

The 700 Club.
 -“In our main bathroom, here was this monthly calendar,” says Scott. “It was a Playboy calendar, and so using the bathroom daily, I’m seeing the girl of the month.”


Scott Baum was only eight years old when he was exposed to pornography.

“As I grew older, I sensed a more physical desire for a woman and as time went on, that urge became stronger and stronger.”

So at the age of twelve, Scott found himself in a relationship with a 19-year-old neighbor.


“We drank together, and smoked pot together, and before long she was trying to invite me to give up my virginity. Eventually, that took place, and little did I know I’d given away something that I would rather not have. Biggest regret of my life.”

Scott was crushed when he found out his girlfriend cheated on him.

“It was such a scar, such a deep wound in me, emotionally, and at twelve years old, I think that’s a very impressionable age.”

Scott’s drug and alcohol abuse continued throughout high school, along with his relationship with the older woman.


“Instead of dating high school girls my age, I’m still in this struggle, not able to break free from this addiction that she was fulfilling.”


After he graduated, Scott sold pot until he realized he could make more money selling cocaine. He went to Venezuela to find a source. His business grew quickly.


“I sold it somewhat pure, and there again, I stole the market. People said, ‘Wow, this is the guy to go see.’ It’s the right price, the right product, and from there it just escalated.

Scott became a bigtime cocaine dealer, with stashes worth more than $25,000.


“My god had to be money, because with it, I had the girl. I was constantly trying to hold on to this relationship, and eventually, after seven years, even married her, just so I wouldn’t lose her. And that marriage lasted for about 90 days, and that’s when I caught her with a man across the street.”


Scott needed someone to talk to, so he called his mother. A few years earlier she had become a Christian.


“My mom was praying for me, and going to a Bible study, and she saw great things happening between her and my father. And so I called her one day and said, ‘Mom, I’m miserable. Things aren’t working out.’ And she said, ‘Your problem is, your god is money’.”


Scott married a second time, this time to a woman he didn’t know well.


“She was drinking heavily, doing so much of the cocaine, that she would give my friends money, so that they would buy the cocaine from me, and leave it outside our house so she could grab it, and have her own stash. Her behavior was erratic and dangerous, and we’re trying to keep things calm in a home where I have a floor safe full of cocaine or cash or both, and it was getting out of control.”


Then Scott’s wife took all the money from the floor safe, and left him.


“And immediately, what my mom said came to mind. ‘Your god is money.’ And I said out loud, ‘My god was just defeated.’


The same day Scott’s second wife left him, he sat down to watch TV.


“I flipped through some channels and stopped at a man dressed up nice, teaching you how to pray to receive Christ. And I remember him saying, ‘You have no peace. You have no joy. Who is your god? You want everlasting life? Say this prayer.’ I was all ears. I wrote notes. I turned off the program. I’m in the house by myself.  What do I have to lose? And I thought, if I say the prayer and nothing happens, life goes on. But if it’s true, I’ll have joy, peace, and eternal life. I said the prayer.


“And I called my mom and said, ‘Mom, I think I got saved. And I need to go to church.’ My mother told me of a church she went to. I walked in through the back door not realizing it was the back door of a Sunday School class. They said, ‘Oh, come on in.’ And I sat there sweating, not dressed appropriately. Someone looked and said, ‘Is that Don Johnson?’


“I said, ‘No, my name is Scott Baum. They said, ‘Oh, wait a minute, do you have a mother named Beverly?’ I said, ‘Yes.’ They said, ‘We’ve been praying for you for three years. Aren’t you in some illegal business?” And right there, I had this belief and this faith that God had orchestrated all this. And from there, I had that joy, and that peace.


“So here I was. I’d prepared my heart to protect it, and not give it away again unless prompted to by God, by the Holy Spirit.”


Scott got out of the drug business immediately, and worked as a purchasing agent for an electronics company. Scott married Luanne in 2004 and they have two children.


“I think Scott has seen the grace of God,” says Scott’s wife Luanne. “And through that, you can see grace in his life. He has a true desire to seek God and to seek God’s kingdom.”


Scott’s father also noticed the difference in his son’s life, and soon after he, too, became a Christian.


“How powerful is that?” says Scott. “That the prayers of just a few would go so far in orchestrating everything for me to find that way and enable the Lord to come into my life and be set free from the lies, and deceptions, and idols in my life. Thanks for those grandmothers. If you have a grandmother praying for you, a mother praying for you, beware. Don’t fight it. Don’t reject it. Enjoy the joy and peace that awaits you.”








May GOD bless Nigeria, America and Israel and take care of us; May GOD make His face shine upon us, And be gracious to us; May the LORD lift up His countenance upon us, And give us peace, In Jesus Christ Name, we pray! Amen!


May the grace the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. Amen!

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